Ottobre ’07

Hi everyone!

There’s a new video on my YouTube channel. You are gently invited to like and share it as much as possible.
I wrote this song in Bologna, I was only 20 on October 2007. On that period, the Bossa nova and Chronicles vol. 1 by Bob Dylan were changing my soul and my songwriting as well.
The track was live recorded at Marco Ruggiero Sound Design in 2011 with a band called Nuits d’Octobre and also included in my first album Appunti dal blu. The sound was absolutely magic.

Hope your going to like it!

Read in Italian

3 thoughts on “Ottobre ’07

  1. Hi Francesco,
    This is Nita from Floreat, I am still trying to learn harmonica. just wondered how you are. Hope you have a great Christmas. Nita.

    1. Hi Nita!
      So glad to hear from you. I still have good memories of you and your beautiful house.
      Hope everything is good. I’m still in Italy, for sure I’ll give you a ring when I’ll be in WA again.
      Have a wonderful Christmas you too.


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